Useful Information about Australia - 关于澳大利亚的有用信息

Here you can find useful information about Australia. They are:

1. About Australia
2. Government Directories
3. Tourist Information
4. Migration Information
5. Businesses Information
6. Study Information

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About Australia:

About Australia (external link)
A brief overview and useful information about Australia

About Australia Government (external link)
A brief overview of the Australian system of government

About Australia History and Culture (external link)
Find out about Australia's history and culture.

Government Directories:

Australia Government Online Directory (external link)
The Government Online Directory is a guide to the structure, organisations and key people in the Australian Government.

Australia Government Departments (external link)
Provide links to various government departments not limited to : Department of Resources, Energy, Tourism, Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Communications, Digital Economy, Climate Change, Energy Efficiency, Education, Employment, Housing, Finance, Foreign Affairs and trade, etc

Australia State, Territory and Local Government Directories (external link)

Useful Websites if you're a tourist planning to travel to Australia (Tourist):

Visas from and to Australia (external link)

Australia Post Codes (external link)

Australia Street Maps (external link)

Australia Weather Forecasts - Bureau of Meteorology (external link)

Australia Telephone, Country and area codes (external link)

Australia Public Holidays and School Terms (external link)

Australia Time Zone and Daylight Saving (external link)

Tourist information (external link)

Australian Social Customers (external link)
An introduction to some common customs in Australia such as meeting people, clothing, polite behaviours, and common Australian expressions.

Foreign Embassies in Australia (external link)

Foreign Consulates in Australia  (external link)

Useful Websites if you're a migrant planning to migrate to Australia (Mirgration):

Department of Immigration and Citizenship (external link)
For anyone considering moving to Australia.

Useful Websites if you're a business (Businesses):

Government Forms (external link)

GovForms is a single entry point for businesses to quickly and conveniently find, manage and complete the forms online with all levels of government - everything from registering for an ABN, applying for licences, to simply paying your rates.

Importing and Exporting (external link)

Regulations on importing and exporting goods from Australia

Australian Taxation (external link)

Understanding taxes and meeting taxation obligations is essential for any business.


Useful Websites if you're a student planning to study in Australia (Study):

Study in Australia website

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